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Map Creation Tools for Adobe After Effects 2021

Making maps in After Effects can be a difficult endeavour. Luckily, there are a plethora of tools available to help users navigate and animate this wonderful blue marble. Here are seven tools in particular to help you find your way around the world in After Effects.

from marcobelli

AE CC2014+

Travel Map is a template and script for Adobe After Effects, compatible with CC2014 and all subsequent versions. It allows users to create up to 4 routes simultaneously. Use it to compare the travel times of multiple routes, or simply show multiple paths on screen at the same time.

In addition to the classic 2D trackers, this pack comes with a set of 3D animated vehicles. Animate your routes with an airplane, bus, camper, school bus, boat, cruise ship, semi-truck, pickup truck, car, sports car, motorcycle, bicycle, or van. Change the color and size of the vehicles, and even add text and logos to some of them. And don’t worry - these DO NOT require additional plugins to use.

from HolyPix


Isometric graphics give you 3-dimensional looking graphics in a 2D workspace. They are very difficult and time consuming to create from scratch in After Effects, making Isometric Map Builder a handy tool for map creators.

This unique product contains more than 300 isometric elements and pre-made scenes. Use the AE project file to create a scene, a street block, a city, or the entire world. All scenes are ready to use, just grab elements from a huge library, and construct your own story. All elements include animated versions, even characters with walk cycles.

from doru


This After Effects template contains maps for 202 countries and all 51 US states. The quality of the imagery and the animations are very high - just check out those cloud layers. It has both 3D and 2D versions included, and no plugins are required to use this bad boy. Map Kit will allow users to create video infographics and maps visualizations with ease.

from marcobelli

AE 2018+

The Animated Map Toolkit is actually four products in one, including Map Connections, Earth Zoom, My Route, and Country Highlights. When creating maps in After Effects, these four categories are some of the most common types of animations.

Each of these products require no extra plugins, and are setup to work in glorious 4K ultra HD resolution. They come with AE template projects as well as script files. If you’ve ever used a product from MarcoBelli, you’ll know that he is the king of map animation tools on Envato.

from ConceptCafe


The only good infographic is an infographic with a map. This AE template project allows users to add infographics to a 3D animation of the globe. The project has 7 stopping points and 3 versions of the globe (day, night and mixed).

It includes 20 customizable infographic elements, 59 icons, 72 maps and 29 callouts. Each of the 5 main blocks is a constructor in which you can replace any element. Unified color management allows you to easily adapt a project to your design. As with all of the best tools, no plugins are required.

from arleksey

AE CS5.5+

Map Markers is an After Effects project file that comes with six premade GPS markers templates. Mark your location with various flag, star, and push pin animations with included text graphics. Need I say more?

from SOUTH11


This easy to use and highly customizable After Effects template will allow you to create detailed travel map animations. High resolution maps of the World include terrain, roads, cities, clouds and more. Use the included script to automate camera movements, route generation, vehicle path following and more. Responsive comps allow you to resize your resolution from Full HD to 4K, Social Posts or Instagram Stories.

So what do you think? Do you have a favorite on this list?


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