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Instagram Tools for Adobe Premiere Pro Users

At the time I’m writing this, Instagram is very much one of the most popular social media platforms. And while it’s already been around for almost a decade, it’s still a huge pain to edit and upload video content. Here are a few tools that will make your Instagram workflows a little more smooth when using Adobe Premiere Pro.


The first tool is my Instagram Export Presets for Adobe. They are incredibly easy to use, and they’re free. You can download them over on my Gumroad account (donations are appreciated 💚). There are four different presets, including -

  • Landscape

  • Portrait

  • Square

  • Vertical

To install, launch the Export Settings window in Adobe Premiere Pro. Set the format to H.264, and then click on the Import Presets button. This is located just to the right of the Presets dropdown menu. Once installed you can find them within the Presets dropdown menu, as long as the format is set to H.264.

The only downside of using the export presets is that you can’t really preview your content until you’re already in the Export Settings menu. This isn’t very useful, especially when working with vertical video as you’ll often need to reposition and resize elements. For this, import the included Guides and Overlay files.

These are semi-transparent elements that will help you align content within your sequences. Simply drag them on top of your other layers. If they don’t fit, right click and select Scale to Frame Size. Just be sure to turn them off prior to exporting your content.

After you’ve exported your content via the presets, get them to your phone via Airdrop, Google Drive or Dropbox transfer.

*Once installed, you can also find the export presets in Adobe Media Encoder. This means you can use these in conjunction with After Effects as well. In Adobe AE, simply go to Composition > Add to Adobe Media Encoder Queue.


While my Instagram Export Presets freebie comes with overlays and guides, they can be a bit annoying and cumbersome to use. That’s why I decided to create Instagram Sequences. This is a Premiere Pro project file that comes with template sequences. If you’re creating a lot of content for Instagram, this is a really helpful tool. The project comes with 12 pre-made sequences, including -

  • 16:9 (Landscape)

  • 1:1 (Square)

  • 9:16 (Vertical)

  • 4:5 (Portrait)

Multiple FPS options include -

  • 23.976fps

  • 25fps

  • 29.97fps

Get them over at my shop.


If you’re only occasionally exporting to Instagram, then you might want to check out Instagram Guides. These are similar to the free Overlays and Guide files that come with the Export Presets, only better. These are actual guides that you can import and view in the Project panel.

With the Program Panel selected, go to View > Guide Templates > Manage Guides. Use the Import button to bring in all of the guide files. To view, go back to the View > Guide Templates, and then select which guide you want to view. Use this in conjunction with the Export Presets to quickly create videos for Instagram.

You can also find these over in my shop.


The nice folks over at MixKit are giving away 45 stylish Instagram Stories templates for Premiere Pro. These templates are .mogrts (motion graphics templates) and they are installed inside of Premiere Pro’s Essential Graphics Panel. It’s never been easier to share your stories!

So what do you think, are these useful? If so, share them with your friends!


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