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Quickly add call-to-action messages to your videos with my YouTube Subscribe Buttons MOGRTs pack. Specifically designed for use in Adobe Premiere Pro, the pack come with six different motion graphics templates (MOGRTs) including subscribe buttons with channel name, notification bells, and a “handy” thumbs up button. Once installed, just bring them over to the timeline from the Essential Graphics panel. Put in your own text and change the font properties as you wish. Backgrounds will auto-resize, and all elements are rigged to dynamically reposition accordingly as you make adjustments. Oh yeah, and these bad mama-jamas are in 4K.  


Not sure? Try a free one here -


  • 6 Mogrts for Adobe Premiere Pro 2020
  • Universalized for all Language Versions of PP
  • Responsive Layout
  • Change text elements and font properties
  • 4K
  • 3840 x 2160
  • SFX included
  • Perfect for your YouTube videos
  • Simple and Easy to Use
  • Helps Build Your Subscriber List
  • Created with love in Adobe After Effects

YouTube Subscribe Button MOGRTs

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